Equal Opportunities

Although we would like this to be the case for all children, reality often proves otherwise.

In Kenya, thousands of children roam the streets without food and any prospect of a better future. Equal Opportunities provides assistance to this group of poor and vulnerable children by supporting specific projects, initiated and supported by the local people themselves.


We would like to thank everyone who has helped to achieved so many this year. We hope tot get your support also for the 2013. An extra donation we appriciate very much. You can donate money to te bankaccount of the Kenya Foundation Equal Opportunities. Bankaccount: NL96Rabo1034.84.620
Tilburg Chamber of Commerce Middle-Brabant no: 18081819 Without your help there is no food, lifesupport number one for the children.

Happy Christmas and a Good Healthy 2013!

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Newsletter nov 2012

In the newsletter for november 2012:
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Newsletter may 2012

The newsletter from may (only Dutch):

Diploma Mombase

The yearexames have finished. The best students, in presence of there parents and caretakers, got a present. We are very happy with the achieved results.

Dec 2011: Dutch delegation visit the project Share4More sponsored by the Rabobank

Dec 2011: Children visit Nairobi National Park

Also the children of St. Dorcas Nairobi got a daytrip sponsored by Daniel Stolk and Meriem. They went to the Nairobi National Park. Many of these children never once enjoyed themselves during a daytrip.

Dec 2011: Children visit the Haller park

On the day before Christmasholidays Daniel Stolk sponsored together with Meriem a day out for the Children. They went to the Haller Park, a big kind of zoo in the nabourhood of Mombase. Many of these children were never once on a daytrip. They are wearing the sportoutfits that we received by a sponsor.

Nov 2011: Joblearningclassroom is being used

The first sawingmachines have arrived en are being used. On the second picture the students learn to make leather coasters. Gelijke Kansen - vakleerklas Kenia in gebruik Gelijke Kansen - vakleerklas Kenia in gebruik

Jul 2011: Mombasa Child Support official opening daycare

Apr 2011: Building of a septic tank and livingconditions


Daycare/nurseryschool in Mombase

We have now a daycare and nursery school in Mombase with 30 children and 2 teachers, a security guard and a cook.
De Examenkandidaten

10 of the 14 students are graduated

From the 14 students who have taken there exams in 2010, 10 are graduated. A splended result. Some of the graduated students wil continue on the university, others are going to college.

Video from Kenya

New toilets Saint Dorcas

New latrines

Because the joined latrines were full, we have transfered money for new seperate latrines for boys, girls and the staff.

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Students Saint Dorcas

Food and exams

The childrenhomes are provided again with food. And 16 students have done their exams.

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Football shirts for Mombasa

Football shirts form Dutch soccerteam Vitesse Delft

Vitesse Delft donated boxes full of football shirts and clothing for the children of Mombasa. The children were very happy. We wish to therefore warmly thank Vitesse Delft for their contribution.

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Post uit Nederland


Boardmember Daniel Stolk brought during his visite mail and toys with him from the Netherlands. Mrs. Jacinta Nduru promised to let the children write. It is possible to correspond with one of the children.

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