Jul 2011: Mombasa Child Support official opening daycare

Apr 2011: Building of a septic tank and livingconditions


Daycare/nurseryschool in Mombase

We have now a daycare and nursery school in Mombase with 30 children and 2 teachers, a security guard and a cook.
De Examenkandidaten

10 of the 14 students are graduated

From the 14 students who have taken there exams in 2010, 10 are graduated. A splended result. Some of the graduated students wil continue on the university, others are going to college.
New toilets Saint Dorcas

New latrines

125 children, boys and girls and the staff of Saint Dorcas had a joined latrine. This one was full. The foundation have transfered money for seperate toilets, for the boys, the girls and the staff.
Food for the childrenhomes


During the last period of time the children homes were provided with a varity of food. The local people delivered their share to the homes with vegetables, fruit and burning wood. Also the helped with cleaning and draining the sewer on the area of Saint Dorcas.


Students Saint Dorcas 16 students did their exams: 14 students from the Saint Dorcas Education Center and 2 students from Child Support Kenya Mombasa. Most students of Child Support Kenya Mombasa are receiving subsidy from the goverment, because they are registrated with a public school. The national exam toke place in october and november. In february 2011 we will know if they are passed.
Football shirts for Mombasa

Football shirts form Dutch soccerteam Vitesse Delft

Vitesse Delft donated boxes full of football shirts and clothing for the children of Mombasa. The children were very happy. We wish to therefore warmly thank Vitesse Delft for their contribution.

Football shirts fot Mombasa Football shirts for Mombasa Football shirts for Mombasa
Post from the Netherlands


We have received a letter from Mrs Jacinta Nduru, the supervisor from Saint Dorcas. She wrote her thanks on behalf of the children for the toys and continuous support. Also she promised to frequently send letters from children to the Netherlands. If there are adults or children who enjoy to correspond with children form Kenya they can mail to
management team saint dorcas

Two homes

The children are now largely located in the Saint Dorcas Education Center in Nairobi and in the Child Support Center Kenya in Mombasa.

Saint Dorcas Education Center, Nairobi

This Center was founded by 20 sponsors, mainly inhabitants of Mithonge, near the slum Dagoretti. The Saint Dorcas is registered as a ' self-help group ' and is a community-based (accountability at the local community level), and supported and recognized by the local authorities.

Child Support Kenya, Mombassa

child support kenya mombassa, building new hostel This hostel was founded by Mr. Norbert Lenjo and Ngoloma Kakenyi, both residents of Vikwatani Village, a slum in the north of Mombasa. This project is also registered as a self-help group, and is community-based and recognized by the local government.

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drawings from Kenia

Drawings from Africa

Click here to admire the beautiful drawings from Kenya, where you can catch a glimpse of their world.
africa day

Africa Day 2009

Sunday, September 13th was once again the annual Africa Day in Almere.

A dreary start to the day, we stood by our stand (thanks to our faithful "stand sponsors" JOHAN AND LODEWIJK), which was strategically placed near the entrance ..

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Opening of the St. Dorcas Orphanage in Nairobi and the Child Support Center Kenya in Mombasa

child support kenya After great efforts on the part of Chris Mshamba, our contact person in Nairobi, we can once again provide the children and adolescents from the former DCRC shelter, food and training in the new children's homes in Nairobi and Mombasa.